Granite Tiles

Repairing furniture is quite expensive. This is why some people settle for cheaper purchase in order to save. But looking from another perspective, one can actually save by choosing expensive but tough materials that last longer than cheaper counterparts. Using granite tiles, for example, is quite costly because granite is considered one of the most durable earthly materials but granite tiles are less likely to get damaged and always last longer than other tiles thus costs lower on maintenance.

Granite comes from natural igneous rocks. It is originally found in crystal form. Granite tiles are most often used in building construction and in making monuments because of their strength and durability. One cannot easily cause damage on anything when it is made out of granite. Because granite tiles are naturally sturdy, they can easily maintain their unique look. And because granite tiles have elegant look, they are usually used in building personal and commercial establishments.

Granite is also usually used on kitchen countertops and floors. People like it because the aesthetic effect it has creates a new and appealing look on any room whenever it is applied. Good granite condition for countertops can be maintained by resealing it once or two times in a year just like what is required of a granite slab. Car wax can be used in doing this, but it is best to consult a tile expert before proceeding to install granite tiles in your home. Buying granite tiles is an excellent idea because it can withstand any kind of stress including heat. Generally, it can add economic value to any place in the long run.

Although using granite tiles is advantageous, it is a good idea to always check out the disadvantages of using them. As generally true, granite tiles have their own strengths and weaknesses also and it is best to know these to minimize problems later. One must also know how to properly use them to maximize its elegant effect.

Tips on Purchasing Granite Tiles

People usually invest in granite tiles because of its valuable characteristics. Its extraordinary and decorative texture, as well as its color and design can add aesthetic value to their countertops, walls, and floorings. Each tile has its own unique design and can stay for a long time. Because it is the hardest and most durable among flooring tiles, it can help you save on maintenance and therefore save you money. Choosing granite tiles is indeed a wise choice but before deciding to buy them for your house, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Be sure to take note of things like moisture, skid resistance, and foot traffic before purchasing granite tiles for your home.
  • You should intently go through information on warranty and guarantee that goes with every granite tile purchase before deciding to buy it for your home.
  • Granite tiles should be perfectly cut, paste, and grout in order to maintain them. To do this, you need to hire a tiling expert or professional when you want to install them in certain areas of your home.
  • You need to inspect the tiles thoroughly before installation. The tiles might be damaged by improper handling while being transported to your home. A reimbursement may also be requested when any damage occurs.
  • Because natural stones have several variations, each tile may vary in design. Benefit from this characteristic in order to create unique designs for your walls and flooring.
  • You must avoid getting the tiles wet before installing them. Store them in a dry space at all times especially before installing them on the floor with an adhesive agent or mortar.
  • You must have an efficient routine for cleaning and maintaining the granite tiles. Expert advice can also be asked on particular cleansing aids which can efficiently eliminate stains without damaging your granite tiles.

Cleaning Granite Tiles

Only a diamond or another piece of granite can cut a granite tile because they have thick grain with composition much the same as that of lava or a molten igneous rock. This explains why granite tiles are hard and are not easily scratched. But there are certain house cleaning products that should not be used when maintaining granite tiles.

  • There are various house cleaning chemicals like liquid cleaners and powders that cannot be used to clean granite tiles. These cleaning products can be harsh on the tiles and may damage them. Vinegar, for example, when spilled and allowed to stay on the counter may affect the granite tiles’ polished look.
  • When harsh chemicals are accidentally spilled on the granite countertop, quickly use a sponge to soak the liquid. Do not allow the stain to sit for some time. Wiping it off may also cause spreading to a wider area and therefore cause a larger damage.
  • Rust stains on granite tiles require a more meticulous removing. First, blend together commercial rust remover and powdered bleach to make a paste. Brush a thick coat of the paste to the stained area and let on for about ten to fifteen minutes. Wrap with plastic and fasten using a masking tape so that the paste will not dry up. After specified time, rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
  • Organic stains from coffee or tea need to be immersed in 20% hydrogen peroxide solution. This is then applied in a process similar to removing rust stain but the paste should be allowed to sit longer, about one to two days. If this process does not remove the stain, a mild detergent powder can be used instead of hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Use cleaners with neutral pH in keeping granite tiles clean. Don’t use cleaners or detergents with high acidic content because they may have adverse effects on the tiles. A cleaning powder that is mild can be used or ammonia that is non-sudsy when dissolved with water. A soft cloth can always be used when wiping it.