Organic Tea the Safest Choice

organic teaThere is a reason why organic tea is a preferred choice for most people across the globe. To begin with, loose leaf tea is free from any form of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides among others. Organic loose leaf tea sustains the health of soils and the ecosystem. Instead, it depends solely on the natural and ecological processes coupled with the biodiversity as well as the cycle adapted to its local conditions which rather than rely on the use of inputs with serious effects. Lose leaf tea agriculture brings together tradition, innovation, as well as science in the endeavor to benefit the environment and facilitate fair relationship as well as an exceptional quality of life for all parties.

The synthetic chemicals used such as the pesticides are proven to pose numerous important health risks to persons which include birth defects, damaging the nervous system, disrupting hormones, respiratory system disorders, and skin irritation, coupled with a wide variety of cancers. The same applies for the herbicides which have been known to result in several cancer cases as well as the Parkinson’s disease.

Each year, a new scientific research is undertaken to illustrate the toxicity that comes from the synthetic pesticides to people’s health as well as the environment. Most of these doses that are declared safe to use by the manufacturers and the government. Some of these products were also once proven ideal for use by the EPA and that have eventually been declared not safe to use. Even with the products that have been dubbed safe to use, they still result in numerous side effects.

Better Tasting Tea

Loose leaf teas and the herbal tisanes have been certified organic as per the USDA National Organic Program. This means that the tea leaves manufacturers must have their blending facilities regularly inspected by the relevant authorities ensuring that the ingredients used are certified organic.

The green loose leaf teas that are not certified organic usually undergo drying in open air without the rinsing process. This means that the synthetic chemicals end up being dried on the leaf and my ultimately end up in a cup. This can ultimately affect the quality of the resultant tea while at the same time posing numerous health risks to the people consuming it.

To add to the insult, the use of synthetic chemicals is a strategic way to better the production. While this method may ultimately boost the yield, you suffer loss of quality. The organic tea of Tea Leaf Co. will prefer natural processes to better their yields. The practice results in amazing flavor and uncompromised nutritional content.

Better For the Environment

Organic tea farming is one which does not make do with chemical synthetics to better the yield. Instead it relies more on the natural breakdown of organic matter such as use of green manure and composting use to replace the used up nutrient from the soil. This in return, ensures that the quality of the tea is not compromised in any way.