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Numerous offensive images, ridiculous because the row of young men create networks that shook her head bored clam population.
Most recently, cases guy TD (Hometown of Long An), have someone else record video, capture images just wear lingerie, standing in the middle of the field to advertise themselves, claiming to be “King of underwear”. Shortly after the video appeared on YouTube has been a lot of netizens share is accompanied by thousands criticized as “Ridiculous and grotesquely so go away”, “I can not understand that,” “Action breeze This body can not accept, “…
Young men claiming to be “King of underwear” when pique between copper – Screenshots Numerous members Facebook and forums that TD Quan Kun is the second version. Quan Kun (Country Dalat) ever netizen named “the most infamous man in 2013” when posting a hot photo series, standing before the camera body with enough breeze poses objectionable bend filled shock for viewers. Not to mention this guy was showing off pictures are hugging, kissing another man. Another case is T.L. (In the city). Not long ago, this guy does not hesitate to show off photos … taking a shower. Government actions have caused T.L. inspired “storm stones” by netizens during a long time. Last 17.3 days, netizens continue “outraged” when YouTube continues to appear footage recorded image a young male underwear writhing dance to sexy music scene Gentleman. The picture has been bend stiff pressing. Comments on YouTube, trungtan_nguyen that “more can not be sick,” or on forums vitalk, Quynh Thu expressed indignation: “The eye irritation with this image. Why son but that? Worried exceeds imagination “… The protagonist of the erotic videos, the pictures naked, revealing extremely vulgar, already appear abound throughout the forums, social networks. The Forum member lehoaithu tire of: “Does showing skin syndrome, the body was transferred to the men now?”. Many comments agreed with this idea, saying, “Now son … also eager to strut their undressed”. Many also said that the sad truth is now alarming and deeply concerned at present. Surprisingly, despite showing weird actions, showing such blatant body but all the cases mentioned above not one bit shy but seemed confident, eager. Not to mention many cases after being netizens “stoned” with the words floss erosion, scornfully, did not go unheard, but seemed bothered when not hesitate challenges continue posting much more offensive images. Master Nguyen Hoang Khac Hieu sentiment that this phenomenon is real today. “There are many causes of this sad truth. While confirming his demand. Then show off to attract attention, eager to be famous, forward approach towards goal. And there are many who “famous” by the way that many young men to imitate, “Hieu said Masters. However master Hieu also said that this is the wrong action. So think of a day on the road with people identify each hot. Thinking of the family, relatives and friends to see before this action. In addition, master Hieu also stressed that social networking is also a society. So to have the appropriate remedial measures for this repugnant act. “Khoe itself as infectious diseases” Many netizens have reacted vehemently at the steady but wonder young sexy online.

“God, one being deformed sexy. Like contagious disease that has spread to the men” (Hoang Giang / Facebook). “OMG (oh – NV)! Sao continuously witnessing heated display grotesque and repugnant of this young man? Wake up fears what these guys go,” (Promised Ha Tuyen / YouTube). “Looks like these guys are like to become … Mr Tung must” (Nguyen Quang / Facebook). “Out of this social network to other social networks, go from forum to another forum, where the show case of young men undressed heated rotary clip. They are something that? There are mental problems doing it? “, (Cards Do / “Did not expect this cheap strut their role appears more dense and more. Out next hot girl and hot boy now. Feedback left refused to be”